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Introduction to the Programme

History of the Programme

In 1949, at Professor Elizabeth Sneddon’s instigation, the University of Natal became the first tertiary institution in South Africa to include Speech and Drama as an academic discipline for degree purposes

Career Opportunities

“Someday I want to be…” – whatever you choose to fill in the blank space, the University of KwaZulu-Natal can help you get there, and one of your stops along the way should be Drama and Performance Studies…

Creative Activities

In addition to coursework, students will also have opportunities to participate in productions both on stage and off, in performance and technical capacities, working in one of the four theatres...

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Meet our staffOur Academic Staff

Lliane Loots
Lliane Loots Lecturer
Lliane Loots is the dance lecturer in the Drama...
Miranda Young-Jahangeer
Miranda Young-Jahangeer Lecturer
Miranda Young-Jahangeer is the coordinator for the Applied Theatre...
Noxolo Matete
Noxolo Matete Lecturer
Noxolo Matete (née Malimba) studied Drama and Performance at...
Tamar Meskin
Tamar Meskin Lecturer
Tamar Meskin is the co-ordinator of the Theatre Studies...