Postgraduate Study

The Drama and Performance Studies programme offers a full postgraduate programme, including Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees. Graduate programmes are organized around the three streams: Theatre Studies, Dance Studies, and Applied Theatre Studies; however, these streams are not exclusionary and students are encouraged to work across streams as well as within them.  At the graduate level, in all modules, learners study the vibrant and complex cultural/performance polysystem existing in South Africa, and related issues in the global context; they investigate and propose apposite paradigms to research and theorise the local cultural/performance polysystem; they experience the dialectical interrelationship between theory and practice through the production and analysis of performance forms of their choice; and they specialize in career-related fields of research and study, including acting, directing, dance, choreography, drama and dance in education, playmaking, playwriting, screenwriting, community theatre, theatre for development, etc.  There is also an opportunity at the graduate level to participate in teaching projects.  We encourage all students in the programme to consider continuing into graduate study.  If you are interested in doing so, please speak to the programme co-ordinator for further information and advice.