Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Students – Masters Students

Joslyn Cox

Boys to Men: Negotiating hegemonic masculinity using dance as a mechanism to explore the performativity of boyhood into manhood within Hilton College Grade 11 Dramatic Arts learners (2012 – 2014).

Supervisor: Lliane Loots

Meg Logan

Interrogating the placement of Rob Murray and Liezl De Kock’s visual theatre work in the landscape of South African physical theatre: 1980 to the present day. (Working title)

Supervisor: Tamar Meskin

Sbonelo Mgilane

“Did She say that!?”: An investigation into the transgressive race and gender politics of two South African women stand-up comedians: Tumi Morake and Celeste Ntuli.

Supervisor: Lliane Loots

Marcia Peschke

The Living Dead Girl: A performance art exploration of poor/working class women of colour as sites of violence in contemporary South Africa.

Supervisor: Dr. Miranda Young-Jahangeer

Shirdika Pillai

(Not) Enough: An exploration into the representations of abuse in Indian South African theatre post-1994. (Working title)

Supervisor: Tamar Meskin

Prosperity Shange

Theatre in Education and Township Schools (Working Area)

Supervisors: Dr. Miranda Young-Jahangeer & Tamar Meskin

Princess Sibanda

Performing Alternatives: Towards the negotiation of space for sexual minorities in Zimbabwe.

Supervisor: Dr. Miranda Young-Jahangeer

Themi Venturas

“IN SEARCH OF THE WATER”: interrogating cross-continental theatrical dialogues around intercultural performance with a special focus on the 2013/4 “HOPES AND MEMORIES” project that transects borders between South Africa, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Supervisor: Lliane Loots

Tamara Wentzel

“Hear us out – Let us speak!” Using Drama and performance to facilitate the confidence and communication of teenagers at Constance Children’s home, Durban.

Supervisor: Dr. Miranda Young-Jahangeer