Special Topics

This module (offered at level 2 and level 3) involves the exploration of new areas and themes emerging in the discipline or arising from research of current or visiting members of the teaching staff. [NOTE: THIS MODULE IS NOT BEING OFFERED IN 2015]


This module (offered at level 2 and level 3) enables learners to experience practically the research into, and staging of, a professional production.  The module covers working on a production as actor/researcher, director, stage manager/technician, publicist, administrator or designer.  [NOTE: THIS MODULE IS NOT BEING OFFERED IN 2015]

Contemporary Dance Theatre, Physical Performance and the Politics of the Body

This course is broken up into three sections that negotiate the politics of physical performance and dance both from a local and African perspective and from a global perspective.  Section one explores the politics of the body in performance from Artaud, Grotowski, and the 20th century modernist impulse to find ‘new ways’ of thinking about theatre […]

Introduction to Applied Theatre

This module introduces students to an understanding of Applied Theatre (AT).  It follows four themes: definitions and debates of AT, Theatre for social change in South Africa, Theatre of the oppressed and Locations of Applied Theatre.  These include theatre in educational setting and Prison Theatre.  The course has clear synergies between theory and practice with […]